Residency Rumble - Academic Contest

Residency Rumble High Point of Residency Education Summit 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The well-attended 14th Residency Rumble 1st Place winner was Thomas Azzolini, DPM's Hoboken Medical Center Team.

Rumble 1st Place

Hoboken Medical Center Participants (L to R:) Maya Robinson, DPM, Mark Sheehan, DPM, and Thanh Hoa Bui, DPM

Second place honors went to the combined Teams of David Bernstein, DPM’s Bryn Mawr Hospital and Ron Guberman, DPM's Wycoff Heights Medical Center.

Rumble 2nd Place

Bryn Mawr Hospital Participants (L to R:) Christopher Fung, DPM, Matthew Modugno, DPM, Dawn Chapin, DPM and Residency Director, David Bernstein, DPM

Both the first and second place teams were first time winners and congratulations go to their dedicated Residency Directors and Attendings.

Third place was earned by Yury Rotshteyn, DPM’s Coney Island Hospital.

Rumble 3rd Place

Coney Island Hospital Participants (L to R:) Sadia Shah, DPM, Mark Trezia, DPM, Edmond Ainehsazan, DPM, Zhi Huang, DPM, Ilya Shnitser, DPM and Residency Director, Yury Rotshteyn, DPM

Fourth place was awarded to Eric Walter, DPM’s Montefiore Medical Center Team.

Rumble 4th Place

Montefiore Medical Center Participants (L to R:) Jignasa Joshi, DPM, unknown, Paul Hong, DPM, Anusha Iyer, DPM, Ashley Bittar, DPM, and Alisha Poonja, DPM

Fifth place was won by Al Garofalo, DPM’s perennial winner Bellevue Hospital.

Rumble 5th Place

Bellevue Hospital Participants (4th from L to 3rd from R:) Harold Cook, DPM, Chad Bracey, DPM, Zakiyyah Waters, DPM, Alice Kim, DPM, Yavor Geshev, DPM and Residency Director, Al Garofalo, DPM (2nd from R)

The 3rd through 5th place winners successfully found themselves in the winner’s circle for the second year in a row, demonstrating the consistently excellent training being delivered at these fine New York podiatric surgical training programs.

The Prizes

$2000 Total in Prize Money was Awarded to the Winners

  •  1st Prize $1000 for the Hoboken Medical Center Team
  • 2nd Prize $500 for the combined Teams of Bryn Mawr Hospital and Wycoff Heights Medical Center
  •  3rd Prize $250 for the Coney Island Hospital Team
  •  4th Prize $150 for the Montefiore Medical Center Team
  •  5th Prize $100 for the Bellevue Hospital Team