Residency Rumble - Academic Contest

About the 2017 Rumble

Saturday, August 12, 2017

United Health Services first back to back winner in Residency Rumble History

Veteran Residency Director Shari Nichols’ United Health Services Hospital placed first for the second year in a row achieving the first back-to-back win in Residency Rumble history. Women podiatrists have really stepped up to leadership positions in many podiatric residency programs.

It is also notable that all winning programs use the PRESENT Online Residency Education lecture series as part of their program curriculum.

Rumble 1st Place

Second place honors went to a combined team from Tomasz Rostkowski’s Winthrop University Hospital and Yury Rotshteyn’s Coney Island Hospital.

Rumble 2nd Place

Third place went to Vincent Gramuglia’s perennial Rumble winner DVA-New York Harbor program.

Rumble 3rd Place

Al Garofalo’s excellent team from Bellevue Hospital took fourth place.

Rumble 4th Place

Eric Walter’s Montefiore program took fifth place.

Rumble 5th Place

The Prizes

$2000 Total in Prize Money was Awarded

  •  1st Prize $1000 for the United Health Services Hospital team
  • 2nd Prize  $500 for the combined team from Winthrop University Hospital and Coney Island Hospital
  •  3rd Prize $250 for the DVA-New York Harbor team
  •  4th Prize $150 for the Bellevue Hospital team
  •  5th Prize $100 for the Montefiore team